New ways to achieve our goal

Our organisation operates within a highly complex medical environment. Our goal is to make safe and effective products available to patients, taking new research findings into account.

In the area of blood stem cell donation, we have changed our policy in response to the results of medical research, lowering the age limit for the registration of new donors to 40. This year, we will be carrying out a campaign throughout Switzerland to make people aware of the importance of blood stem cell donation: because a transplant of donated cells still represents the only chance of a cure for many patients. New cellular therapies are currently an option only for a few cases. We are actively bringing our medical know-how and expertise in the area of blood stem cell donation to bear in this respect and intend to increase our involvement in the future.

Dr. Bernhard Wegmüller, Managing Director and CEO, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeltner, President of the Board of Directors Swiss Transfusion SRC

Providing the best products would be inconceivable in the absence of loyal, reliable donors, and this applies to the blood supply as well. Donation should be a pleasant and simple process for them. For this reason, we are investing in a variety of digital services relating to blood donation, to boost its appeal, including for young, new donor groups.

Our activities in the blood supply area are funded by the sale of blood products to hospitals; no federal funding is provided for these services. In 2020, the consultation procedure on draft legislation declaring the supply of blood to the population a task of the Confederation will begin, the result of a 2018 parliamentary initiative. Our services in the area of blood stem cells are already the subject of a mandate from the Confederation; however, we must raise the funds to pay for the registry’s growth on our own. We have therefore launched a “supporter” programme to create sustainable revenue to finance registrations.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeltner
President of the Board of Directors
Swiss Transfusion SRC

Dr. Bernhard Wegmüller
CEO and Chairman of the Management Board
Swiss Transfusion SRC

The focus has always been on the welfare of patients

Dr. Bernhard Wegmüller

61 people

donated blood stem cells to a stranger

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Great turnouts

– registrations at universities

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CHF 88'000

in donations from charity runs

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Instagram blutspendesrk

Encouraging people to donate blood and blood stem cells through pictures

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Digital blood donation barometer

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of blood donations came from mobile drives

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Almost 3000

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